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Price Sheet

Effective July 14, 2014
Skid Fee $25.00
(per skid, max. per skid 6 sets)

1932 Ford Parts
Part # Description Unit Price (US $) Wt. (lbs.) Ships Via
10132 #Replacement Frame Rails (6" x 12" x 149" -- 10 gage)PR689.0090TRUCK
10132H29" Front Frame HornsPR165.0020UPS
10132H249" Front Frame HornsPR245.0028UPS
10132CS48" Center SectionPR245.0028UPS
10132R48" Rear Frame HornsPR220.0028UPS
10332 #Full Length Boxing Plates (10 gage)PR149.0050TRUCK
10332CCenter Cross Member Boxing Plates (10 gage; 3 pieces each side)PR149.0050UPS
11132Frame Rail Front Support Plates 2PK4.001UPS
11232Frame Rail Rear Support Plates 2PK4.001UPS
10432 #Chevy Turbo 350EA699.0081TRUCK
10532 #Chevy 400EA699.0081TRUCK
10632 #Chevy 700 R4EA699.0081TRUCK
10732 #Chevy 4 SpeedEA699.0081TRUCK
10832 #Ford C-4EA699.0081TRUCK
3250Front Cross Member (1.5" drop)EA95.009UPS
3331Rear Cross MemberEA89.009UPS
3209Front Spreader BarEA49.003UPS
3210Rear Spreader BarEA69.005UPS
3211Heavy Duty Rear Spreader BarEA159.0018UPS
3209SSFront Spreader Bar Polished Stainless SteelEA81.003UPS
3210SSRear Spreader Bar Polished Stainless SteelEA114.003UPS
Prints1932 BlueprintsEA20.00USPS
4001Trailer HitchEA649.00
4001SSTrailer Hitch Polished Stainless SteelEA999.00
PackagingPackaging FeeSKID25.00

1933-34 Ford Parts
Part # Description Unit Price (US $) Wt. (lbs.) Ships Via
20134 #Replacement Frame Rails (9" x 10" x 151" -- 10 gage)PR699.0090TRUCK
20334Boxing Plates (3 pieces each side -- 10 gage)PR159.0050UPS
3362VFront V Spreader Bar Polished Stainless SteelEA189.004UPS
3363Rear Spreader Bar Polished Stainless SteelEA139.006UPS
3450Front Cross MemberEA119.0011UPS
3431Rear Cross MemberEA89.0010UPS
Prints1934 BlueprintsEA20.00USPS
PackagingPackaging FeeSKID25.00
PAYMENT: All orders prepaid with cashier's check, M/C, Visa, Discover, or Money Order.
FREIGHT: All orders are shipped FREIGHT collect. Parts with # can only be shipped by truck
CAUTION: Always check for damages before accepting. If damaged, note on Bill of Lading and file claim with freight company.

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